Single - Family Residential Additions & Remodels


2053 Alameda
500 SF family room addition & remodeling to a late-1800s single family residence.
2063 Pacific
600 SF, 2-story addition to a single loft/bedroom/workspace.

2004 Mezes (Phase 2)
Major remodel of existing 1-story with proposed 2nd story.
2009 Mezes
Kitchen, dining, laundry remodeling.

2715 Barclay
600 SF 2nd story addition, and 120 SF addition at existing 1st floor. Remodeling of kitchen. Architect of Record. Design by others.

2004 Mezes (Phase 1)
New 399 SF garage / workshop accessory structure.

200 Lyndhurst
New kitchen/great room interior remodeling.
1813 Hillman
  2nd story addition

1611 Blake
Detached, 288 SF accessory structure used as a personal office. Completed 2010
2139 Essex
Code compliance case and general remodeling.

712 Bayswater
New 900 SF 2nd story addition and remodeling to an existing 1-story residence. Subject to Planning Commission review.
721 Howard
General remodeling. No new square footage.

1512 Ralston
General interior remodeling. Project deferred.


1524 Los Montes
New rear deck/loggia with spiral stair to rear yard.

15 Bancroft
Rear addition and complete interior remodeling.
926 Laguna
700 SF addition.

2930 Dominic
New 2nd floor, and 250 SF addition at 1st floor. (Alameda Co. jurisdiction) . Construction documents.

74 Sonora (reduced Phase 2)
Interior remodeling including kitchen, bath, and great room.
74 Sonora Way (Phase 1)
New bathroom / laundry at new dormer.

1639 Francis
Interior and exterior remodel. Italianate front facade.

57 Fairlawn
New full bath adjacent to garage.
308 Skyline
Kitchen and bath remodel. Legalization of ground floor.

131 Winchester
Kitchen and bath remodel.

8 Morton
Code enforcement case.

98 Longview
800 SF build out on an existing 1st floor garage shell space and 2nd floor remodel. 2nd floor completed 2012..
8 Elmwood
Master suite and family room addition to a Westlake home. Project deferred.

820 Southgate
Master suite and dining room addition. Completed 2007.

92 Oakmont
Build-out of garage shell residual area. Completed 2006.

898 Templeton
Major addition and remodeling to an existing residence with ocean views. Project deferred.
703 Stoneyford (Broadmoor)
2nd story master suite addition. (San Mateo Co. jurisdiction)

243 Glenwood
Family room and kitchen addition to an existing split-level residence.

339 Templeton
Kitchen remodel and master suite addition to a single-family residence built in 1912.

97 Mira Vista
Legalization of ground floor to provide required 2-car garage living spaces with a bath.
21 Monterey
Legalization and reconstruction of a family room.

327 Skyline (Rainbow Bright Day Care)
500 SF addition to an existing single family used for child daycare.

739 Larchmont (Broadmoor)
275 SF family room rear addition to an existing residence. (San Mateo Co. jurisdiction).

53 Theta
Legalization project.
611 87th Ave. (Broadmoor)
Conversion to a home care facility.

174 Westlawn
Proposed 2nd story addition and remodeled kitchen.

73 Windsor
Proposed 2nd story addition.

58 Fairlawn Ave.
New bathroom remodeling.
57 Wessix
General interior remodeling.

168 N. Mayfair
New master suite addition at rear. Westlake "Fish-n-chips" Doelger plan.

441 Southgate
Bedroom and bath at garage level.


1357 Rifle Range
Interior remodeling and kitchen roof "pop-up".

40 Sea Crest
Addition to an existing attached garage. (San Mateo Co. jurisdicion) Completed 2007.

640 Cayman
New 250 SF family room addition subject to H.O.A. and design review approval

41240 Roberts, Unit #2
Re-build of a fire-damaged townhouse.
1399 Camero
New bathroom appendage at rear. Schematic design.

5301 Tacoma Common (Baypointe Condos Ardenwood)
Creation of enclosed bedroom at an existing loft-type unit.

4874 Porter
1000 SF, 2nd story addition to existing 1-story.


2150 Edgecourt
Enclosing of a 425 SF covered, rear porch to habitable space.
1541 Kingswood
Major remodel at upper level, and build-out of 1000 SF lower level shell space.

145 Fallenleaf
Major remodeling and minor additions to a 5000 SF,1970's, contemporary, custom residence.

1445 Black Mountain
Interior remodeling and exterior face lift.

585 Chelmsford
Interior design of kitchen and baths.
1355 Marlborough
New entry partition and trellis.

417 Read
Extensive rear addition to an existing residence.
365 St. Mary's
New kitchen, family room at garage, and interior remodeling.

2453 Bess
New 640 SF garage / workshop accessory structure. New outdoor kitchen / addition to existing trellis. Project deferred.


2170 Cedar
800 SF addition to an existing residence. Project staged in 2 phases. (San Mateo Co. jurisdiction)
199 Hillside
New entry treatment. Original project by others. (San Mateo Co. jurisdiction)

1046 Ridgewood
In-fill addition at an existing roofed, exterior space. Interior reconfiguration.

16715 Oak Glen
Master suite addition and interior remodeling.

768 Hans
500 SF master suite addition and remodeling to an existing single story residence.

225 Rishell
Kitchen expansion into a semi-enclosed porch requiring a variance from the city due to a non-conforming condition.
3932 Woodruff
2nd story addition to a 1-story bungalow style home. Schematic design.

5401 Bryant
New, freestanding, 1-car garage.

1542 50th Ave.
Complete interior remodeling of 800 SF 2 bedroom/1 bath.

25 Maggiora
New master bedroom suite within existing shell.


61 Elder
2nd and 3rd story addition to an ocean front residence. Co-designed with owner. Subject to city Planning Commission and Coastal Commission approval.
275 Milagra
750 SF addition consisting of new master suite, kitchen and entertainment room.

1303 Crespi
Major 2nd story master suite addition and re-built garage. Design by owner. Schematic design.

271 Milagra
New 1800 SF residence added to existing 1-car garage. Completed 2009.

1229 Seville
New bedroom and bath created at existing garage level shell space.
1008 Banyan
Master suite wing addition to an existing Ranch style home. Includes kitchen remodel. Design by PKM Construction Co.
243 Seaside
Production architect for a full 2nd floor addition to an existing 1-story house. Design by PKM Construction Co., Inc.

1151 Crespi
Production for a second story addition to an existing one-story residence. Design by PKM Construction Co.,

1143 Banyan
New exterior, rear deck. Schematic design.


754 Ashby
Interior and exterior remodeling. Schematic design.

1660 Maryland (Phase 2)
Wrap around, arched front porch and entry.
355 W. Oakwood
Major rear addition to an existing single family residence. New kitchen and interior remodeling.

1571 James
New 2nd story & 1st floor expansion to bungalow style home. New basement garage. Permitted.

375 W. Oakwood
Master suite addition to an existing 1-story residence.

1272 Truman
500 SF master suite addition to an existing single family residence. Project completed 2006.
1660 Maryland(Phase 1)
Interior remodeling project.

223 Hillview
700 SF addition.


536 Keelson
Expansion and remodeling of an existing 2-story home.
585 Keelson
2nd story bedroom, bath, and family room expansion.

502 Neptune
Interior remodeling and dormer addition.


2200 Gaynor
2-story rear, 3-bedroom addition to existing bungalow style dwelling. Planning Commission approval.

3615 Fleetwood
Family room infill of an existing courtyard between garage and residence. Remodeled kitchen.
1366 Williams
2nd story master suite addition and garage expansion.

156-158 San Felipe
Family room and master suite addition to front residence. Various upgrade items to rear residence. Obtained CU permit from city for excess lot coverage.

698 Easton
Legalization of an existing addition through city code enforcement. Partial reconstruction.
1620 Claremont
1000 SF 1st and 2nd story addition, music room with master suite above. Completed 2007.

81 Highland
Major remodel and 2-level rear deck addition. New entry element.
635 Park
Master suite addition. Schematic design.

148 Chestnut
Master suite addition.

1025 Rosewood
New freestanding 2-car garage. Completed 2008.

40 LaBarthe
2nd story workroom/studio addition to an existing one-story residence. "Tuscanization" of existing.
1160 Rosewood
Minor exterior remodeling at rear.

353 Clifton
Major interior remodeling of 2-story residence.

835 Orange
2-story master suite addition with retreat below accessed by spiral stair.

1400 Eaton
2nd floor addition and general remodeling.
868 Hemlock
Master suite addition and interior remodeling.

4318 26th St.
Rear additions at existing 2 levels and new 3rd floor. Subject to Sec. 311 design review process. Approximately 1500 new square feet. Design concept by Arch. Ravi Anand. Interior design by Susan Gujral AISD.
1634 26th Ave.
Build out of 1st floor, garage shell space.

1442 - 1444 14th Ave.
New rear stair at 2-unit, 3-story building.

1847 41st Ave.
New rear deck and stair to grade.

539-541 Divisadero
Structural glass skylight system at upper unit deck (3rd floor).
1647 47th Ave.
Interior spiral stair connecting both floors.

4 Blake
Rear addition and new, 3rd floor, 'penthouse' level master suite. Schematic design.

719-721 18th Ave.
2-unit building condo conversion.

230 San Benito
Major build out of an existing garage shell and garage addition in two phases. Architect of Record. Designed by Susan Gujral, ASID.
2701 41st Ave.
Existing deck legalization.

2950 California
Lower level of 3-unit TIC to be incorporated into lower flat. Depression of existing slab elevation to create habitable ceiling height. New internal stair.

2520 22nd Ave.
New bedroom egress landing, stair, and railing system at an addition by others.

2275 45th Ave.
Major interior renovation of a garage Sunset 5, including build-out of the garage shell. Architect of Record. Design by Susan Gujral, ASID.
562 Cordova
Kitchen remodel and seismic retrofit at shell space for future build out.

1562 Dolores
New legal secondary unit at 1st floor garage shell. RH-2 zoning. Schematic design.

151 Alice B. Toklas, Unit 812
Interior remodeling of a loft.

75 Folsom, Unit 704
Minor interior remodeling to a unit in high-rise.
2170 Vallejo
Kitchen remodel at condo unit.

1080 Chestnut (unit 3C)
Remodeling of an existing high-rise, bay-view, condo unit.

29 Cumberland
Semi-basement tandem garage proposed under 2-unit building. Schematic design.

1818 Great Highway
Rear addition with deck and stairs to yard. Widening of ocean-facing openings. Design by owner (Margaret Dixon, ASID).
5337 California
Modernization of existing. Multiple options provided.

648-650 Carolina
Roof decks for 2-unit building. Received Sec. 311 and building dept. approvals.

394 Harkness
2 bedroom build-out of an existing garage-level shell space.

1430 Sanchez
Exterior renovations.
20 Hartford
Schematic design for a sculptural deck cover.

1111 Wisconsin
Foundation and seismic upgrade.

3326 Ulloa
Extensive 1st & 2nd floor addition at the rear.

20 Sadowa
Secondary in-law unit incorporated into an existing single family residence constructed in 1900. RH-2 zoning. Subject to Sec. 311 and parking exception planning process.
3288 Folsom
Assisted owner with obtaining DR approval for 3rd floor addition by others.

328 Cambridge
Removal of an existing, unpermitted dwelling unit in an RH-1 zone.

1215 South Van Ness
Reconstruction of rear deck, stairs, and siding. 3 levels. Project completed 2006.

796 34th Ave.
Code compliance deck.
126 Bronte
General interior remodeling.

365 Hazelwood

234 Guerrero
2-story rear addition to duplex. Sec. 311, site permit approval.

196 Albion
Garage expansion at duplex.
147 San Pablo
2nd story addition and major interior and exterior remodeling. SFHA approval, Sec. 311, site permit approval.

160 San Pablo
Exterior balcony enclosure at rear. SFHA approval.

1606 38th Ave.
New habitable area at 1st floor garage shell.

45 Crescent
Interior remodeling of dwelling unit.
2721 Noriega
Legalization of an enclosed deck at rear.

826-828 25th Ave.
Interior remodeling of duplex. New habitable space at garage level combined with unit above.

542 35th Ave.
Complete interior remodel. Design by Jusan Gujrl, ASID.

1088 Rhode Island
Major remodel within shell.
2627 37th Ave.
3rd floor addition and remodeling.

531 College
Rear addition at 2 floors.

1550 Masonic Rear addition, remodeling and front balconies.

110 Everglade
Interior remodeling.

14912 Standish
Master suite & kitchen expansion and remodel of a single-story. (Santa Clara Co. jurisdiction)
2175 Lakewood
Kitchen, family room addition and major remodeling. Design by owner.

1671 Edgehill
New master suite addition at 2nd floor. Subject to Major Design Review and approval process. General exterior remodeling and new entry, front patio.
2360 W. Ave. 135th
Kitchen and bath remodeling. Conceptual design for a rear yard accessory structure.

2511 W. Ave. 130th
New kitchen and master suite. Concept by owner.


3040 Fernwood
New 2nd story and ground floor addition. Subject to design review. process. Completed 2013
200 N. Kingston
Code enforcement case for a bank-owned property.

3035 Fernwood
600 SF master bedroom, entry addition and kitchen remodel to an 1-story residence.

200 Poinsettia
Major interior remodeling and layout re-configuration. New existing poolhouse plans sold with property.

Undisclosed address
Code compliance case to mitigate unpermitted construction.
80 Mission
350 SF family room addition.

826 Indian
Interior remodeling and new conditioned space at existing semi- basement / 1st floor. Completed 2010.

1422 Maple
630 SF master suite and family room addition at rear.

1519 Nadina
Master suite, kitchen & family room addition / remodeling. Completed 2008.
1325 Beacon
Assisted owner with securing permits for a 2nd story addition designed by others.

608 Crescent
Reconstruction of freestanding garage. Interior remodel of residence.

1432 Newbridge
Schematic design for a 2-phase addition.

3041 Beverly
Single story master suite and family room/office addition. Completed 2013.
1715 Kelly
400 sf new kitchen, dining area and interior remodeling.

153 W. 38th Ave.
450 SF rear single-story addition. Master suite and home office.

1406 S. Claremont
Master suite addition and kitchen remodel to split-level.

800 Rand
Single-story 540 SF master suite, dining room, and kitchen expansion.
746 Parrott
Major interior remodeling. Schematic design.

112 Seville
Kitchen remodel.

1716 Washington
Rear addition and complete interior remodeling.


1519 Lincoln
300 SF addition and major remodeling. Schematic design.

2614 Pebble Beach
Rear master suite addition and front living area expansion with new entry porch. Owner-driven design. Completed 2011.

12348 Obrad
New coffered ceilings. Completed 2012.

3170 Dublin
Code compliance case and general remodeling.
134 Claremont
New 220 SF, accessory structure workshop with half bath on a corner lot. Project permitted.

1415 Crestwood
741 SF, 2-story, rear addition with remodeled kitchen. Owner-driven design. Completed 2011.

442 Avalon
New bathroom, remodeled kitchen, general interior remodeling and legalization

255 Taylor
Major addition and remodeling to a 1-story ranch. Conversion to Tuscan style. Schematic design.
668 Commercial
New master suite, garage, and carport addition.

116 Camaritas
Front porch, in-fill addition with a Japanese aesthetic and tatami mat interior. Schematic design.

823 Circle
General remodeling and master suite addition at rear. Project deferred.

666 Ash
1st and 2nd floor garage and master suite addition to an existing single family residence. Subject to planning approval process.
1140 Miller
1200 SF 1st & 2nd floor addition subject to city planning design review board approval.

112 Buxton
160 SF room addition at existing 2nd floor. Obtained city DRB approval. Building permit.

227 Village
Legalization project.
716 Miller
Major 1st and 2nd story addition. Subject to DRB approval.


693 E. McKinley

2170 Stockbridge
New garage and wine cellar accessory structure on an acre lot. Subject to town setback exception process. Project deferred.